Parasite protection for New Zealand cats & dogs

New Zealand cats and dogs are adventurous pets; gardens, parks, beaches and bush, our pets love them all. And so do all the parasites that like to make a home in and on your pet.


Protection is easy with the NEXGARD® brand products, we have a solution that is just right for your pet. Don’t let parasites get in the way of their healthy, happy life.

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Cat parasites

Cats and kittens in New Zealand can be at risk from fleas, worms, ticks and ear mites. Cats that have access to the outdoors are at a higher risk than those that live exclusively inside. But all cats need protecting because some cat parasites are very good at hitching a ride into your home on other animals or people. Learn more about cat parasites and how to protect your cat.

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Dog parasites

Dogs and puppies in New Zealand can be at risk from fleas, worms, ticks, and mites. Their highly social nature and love of exploring puts them at risk. Wild animals like possums and hedgehogs that go where your dog goes, are likely to have spread parasites that are looking for a new home on your dog. Learn more about dog parasites and how to protect your pet.


How often should I treat my pet?

All pets in the household should be protected all year round. It is far easier to avoid a parasite infestation that try to get rid of one – and this is a better health outcome for your pet and your family. With warmer, wetter weather, and well insulated homes – fleas are a year-round problem.

All NEXGARD brand products have been formulated to be given monthly for optimal parasite control.

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