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Parasite protection for New Zealand cats

Cats and kittens are curious animals who love to roam. But even a complete homebody can get in touch with parasites as they can hitch a free ride into your home aboard another pet or person. That’s why it’s important to protect your cat from fleas, worms, ticks and ear mites.

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One and done.

The broadest spectrum parasite treatment available for cats; it kills fleas, ticks, ear mites and worms, including tapeworms.

NEXGARD SPECTRA Spot-On Solution for Cats: the next generation feline parasite control.

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The trouble with fleas

Fleas are more than a nuisance. Not only are they irritating for your cat, they can cause skin problems as well. Did you know they can also transmit infectious and parasitic diseases, some of which can affect humans too?

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Gentle application. Fierce protection.

Administered monthly, it’s just the right dose and just the right time to keep them protected wherever they might roam.

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Handy tips on caring for kittens

It’s amazing when your new kitten arrives at home. Fun and games, cuddles, a cuteness overload, and a bit of a learning curve for everyone.

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