NexGard SPECTRA® for Cats

A simple treatment to protect against fleas, ticks, ear mites and worms – including tapeworm

Treating only for fleas, treats only half the problem. Make sure you treat your cat for worms too. Administered monthly, NEXGARD SPECTRA for Cats delivers optimal parasite control for both internal and external parasites.




  • Kills fleas fast before they can lay eggs

  • Treats and controls ticks

  • Kills roundworms, hookworms, lungworms and tapeworms

  • Treats and controls ear mites

  • Easy spot-on application – no pills, no collars, no stress!

  • Protection from 8 weeks of age and 0.8 kg bodyweight

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4_02 NGS Cats Kitten 280 x 210 .jpg
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Which Size is Best for Your Cat?

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NEXGARD SPECTRA Spot-On Solution for Cats comes in two sizes: 


  • NEXGARD SPECTRA Spot-on Solution for Cats 0.8kg-2.4kg 
  • NEXGARD SPECTRA Spot-on Solution for Cats 2.5kg-7.4kg