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NEXGARD SPECTRA Spot-On Solution for Cats kills fleas fast before they can lay eggs. It also kills ticks, ear mites, roundworms, hookworms, lungworms and tapeworms.
NexGard Spectra for Small Cats
NexGard Spectra for Cats - Large

Available in two volumes: 0.3 mL to treat cats from 0.8 – 2.4 kg and 0.9 mL to treat Cats from 2.5 kg – 7.4 kg. 

NEXGARD SPECTRA for Cats is a topical solution containing esafoxolaner, eprinomectin and praziquantel. 

NEXGARD SPECTRA for Cats can be used on kittens from 8 weeks of age, weighing at least 0.8 kg.

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Applying NexGard Spectra for Cats


Our unique topical applicator makes applying NEXGARD SPECTRA for Cats simple and  ensures complete and accurate dosing.

To apply NEXGARD SPECTRA for Cats, pull back the plunger slightly, twist and remove cap, place the tip of the applicator on the skin. Apply the contents directly on the skin in one spot on the midline of the neck between the base of the skull and the shoulder blades.

NEXGARD SPECTRA for Cats should be administered monthly for optimal flea and worm control. For best advice on parasite control for your cat, ask your veterinarian.