lisa carrington and colin her dog

Dame Lisa Carrington

New Zealand’s most decorated Olympian.

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lisa carrington and her dog Colin with dunes background

Nexgard Brand Ambassadors

It’s a massive year for Lisa with the Paris Olympics in July, and Colin is rooting for her. We’re proud to have Lisa Carrington and her dog Colin as our brand ambassadors. Lisa’s love for the adorable Colin is heart warming, so it’s fabulous that she can protect Colin with NEXGARD SPECTRA for Dogs. 

lisa carrington and her dog Colin with glades background

Because Timing is Everything

Lisa understands the importance of timing to her performance, so when it comes to taking care of her dog Colin, she uses NEXGARD SPECTRA®. By giving him one delicious chew each month, he gets the right dose at the right time.

Two Paragraphs

Lisa Carrington. Colin's mum and Olympic Gold Medalist

Our popular TV commercial has been updated to reflect Lisa’s uncompromising approach to her training, and her uncompromising approach to protecting Colin. She chooses the most complete parasite protection in a single monthly chew for Colin – one and done.