dog in a field
dog in a field

Common Dog Parasites

Parasites are small and hard to see. But if you look closely you may find parasites hiding on your dog. External parasites like fleas, ticks and mites can hide in your dog’s coat, or living on or in their skin, while internal parasites, like intestinal worms, live inside their body. Whether internal or external, these parasites can all cause disease. Some can even be transmitted to humans. They are a year round problem which is why you need to keep your dog protected all year around.


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dog scratching


With such an abundant population of fleas in the environment, and the adventurous nature of dogs and their owners in New Zaland, it’s no wonder that the humble flea is the source of so many problems.

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There are lots of different worm species that infect dogs and can lead to significant health issues; and some can be passed on to humans. Treating your dog monthly helps protect your dog and your family.

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We are lucky that in New Zealand, our ticks do not cause the major health problems for dogs that they do in other countries. They do still irritate, and can lead to scratching and infection, and need to be treated against for a happy, healthy dog.

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Mites are small and difficult to see and live on or in the skin. They may be small but cause big health issues. Controlling mites is important for your dog’s health.