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dog in field

NEXGARD Chewables for Dogs

NEXGARD kills fleas, ticks and mites in a delicious monthly treat.

Key Benefits

  • Kills fleas fast


  • Kills mites (ear & mange) and ticks

  • Soft and tasty beef flavoured chew made from soy protein

  • Safe for puppies from 8 weeks old and weighing 2kg or more

  • Can be given with or without food

  • Dogs can be handled immediately, with no bathing or swimming restrictions

Two Paragraphs
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Trusted Protection

Fast and sustained efficacy against fleas, allowing prevention of flea tapeworm infestation. Month long protection against ticks and highly effective against mites (Sarcoptic and Demodectic mange mites and ear mites)

Nexgard® for dogs

NEXGARD is an easy to remember, monthly tasty chew. It comes in four weight ranges, in single or triple packs and is safe for all dog breeds and puppies from 8 weeks of age and 2kg bodyweight.

How to protect your dog with NexGard

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Step 1

Purchase NEXGARD Chewables in a 1 or 3 month protection pack

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Step 2

Remove a tasty chew from the blister pack and give to your dog with or without food

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Step 3

Repeat monthly all year round